Come and discover the joy of music and self-expression!

     Develop important life-skills and learning strategies in encouraging, fun, and highly informative lessons from a Master Instructor and Performer -- who loves music and who LOVES to teach!    

      Receive the highest quality of instruction -- for all levels and all ages --from a professional concert pianist, international adjudicator, and published scholar and professor. 

          "My goal as a music teacher is to encourage the joy of music, notably with personalized instruction that caters to each student’s individual needs, goals, and learning abilities. 

          My studio teaching is enriched by a broad range of musical activities and networking with the community, in order to support student success, and to foster compassion and responsibility through learning music."

Dr. Allison Star, Star Piano Studio 


Star Piano Studio offers

*Piano Performance (all ages/all levels)     

*Piano Pedagogy
(Teacher's Diploma)        

*Piano Accompaniment    

*Theoretical subjects

Individualized instruction that caters to each student's unique learning style and level: 


· Clear learning objectives and achievable goals based on a well-rounded curriculum. 

 ·Beginners and Intermediate students will build a strong foundation of musical skills to bolster critical thinking, and to build pathways to success.


· Master Instructor with advanced training and expertise in preparing students for university entrance exams, festivals, piano competitions and all levels and categories of The Royal Conservatory Examinations.


·  Advanced students successfully prepare for A.R.C.T. or Licentiate Diploma.


·  A focus on learning authentic    performance practice with supportive research; mentoring in scholarship. 


· Professional student-teacher training, mentored with pedagogical study, practical methodology, and community networking.

Hello!  Did you know that the study of music is a pathway to success in all aspects of life? 

          Much research illustrates a profound link between music and intelligence. More specifically, many studies demonstrate that piano lessons -- for even the most "challenged" --will markedly improve a student's success and intelligence, notably in MathScience, and  Reading.

          Piano lessons can be an enjoyable and scientifically proven educational method to increase a student's critical thinking and creativity. Importantly, learning the piano is a means to bolster a student's coordinationconcentration and confidence.

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How do you find the right teacher?

     A mutual teacher-student relationship is vital, and prepares a student to deliver their personal best at all times.  My teaching objectives cater to individual goals and focus on nurturing talent
and encouraging musical development by providing a well-rounded musical education.

     An appropriate and individualized curriculum is developed from a balanced menu of repertoire, technique, and musicianship training.

     At Star Piano Studio, the core curriculum largely draws on the graded syllabus and requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music, with flexibility and "own choice" material adapted to suit each individual student's preferences and abilities.

     Students are encouraged be open to new perspectives by learning about culture and the arts, and by participation in community events, and third-party evaluation, such as festivals and exams.
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Allison Star, Ph.D.; M.A. (Musicology); M.Mus. (Piano Performance); B.C.R.M.T.A. (Victoria branch) 

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